Tucker Turkey Spices started in the late 1960's as the founder, Cleon Tucker, began his quest for the perfect rub for meats. He honed a recipe over the next several years until he arrived at a dry rub for turkey. He began to hand out small bags to friends and family. People LOVED it and Tucker Turkey Spices was born!! It has since morphed into a turkey spicing system for all to enjoy. We are now third generation spicers! Joni, his granddaughter and CEO, grew up enjoying moist and delicious Tucker turkey (therefore she claims to have never suffered a dry turkey :-)) and is carrying on the Tucker Spices tradition to preserve what Cleon started many years ago.

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At Tucker Turkey Spices, we want everyone to try our turkey spicing system because friends don't let friends eat DRY turkey-EVER!!  Here are a few other reasons to give our spices a try:

When you purchase the spice pack, you purchase a system that puts your turkey masterpiece first.  You purchase your turkey, thaw it, spice it a few days before you eat it, cook it 24 hours before the big day, pull the meat from the bones, save in the juices-then simply reheat and serve on the big day.  This allows the pulled meat to marinate in all the tasty spices for as long as you please.  We are an equal opportunity for spice kind of people.  ALL meat should be bathed in spices not just the skin.  

Now that your juicy masterpiece is done, stress levels can come down as the main course is complete.  You can now focus your energy on the amazing sides to complement your centerpiece.  You have also freed up your oven as you have already cooked the bird!